Blogging has become the bread and butter of the online marketing community. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the higher the quality, the better the results and your online marketing efforts are going to continue to move up the ranks. Today, I will share 10 easy and very effective steps that are going to allow you to write a great blog. This is going to give you the most reliable results possible.

1-Decide on the topic you will write

This is very simple. You need to think of a topic that your audience is going to enjoy and also one that they will find relevant and related to your business.

2-Understand the way your audience thinks

This means that you are going to have to work hard to get in the minds of your target demographic.

3-Create and attractive and accurate title

The biggest sin of online marketing is to create click bait titles that are misleading. People feel cheated when you do this and they will often unsubscribe as a result of that strategy.

4-Write a compelling intro

Even if you are writing a top ten blog like this one, the power of a good intro is going to help you give it more punch.

5-Arrange your content properly

There should ne an intro as mentioned in the last step, but the entire article should be organized properly in order to get the best possible flow.

6-Read your draft

Don’t even publish any content without reading the final draft first. This will usually give you a chance to correct final touches. It’s even better when you get someone else to read it.

7-Think like a reader

You need to be unbiased when you read your own material. This is easier said than done, but once you learn to see things from the perspective of others, you will learn to identify problems in your writing.

8-Check the entire article for mistakes

Checking your grammar and punctuation is extremely important. Always keep that in mind when you publish any article.

9-Consider SEO friendly content to be a priority

This is a very important step because you need to create content that uses your most relevant keywords, but you need to do it in a way that seems natural and your audience won’t pick up on the intention.

10-A good call to action

A call to action is always important even if you are only being informative. Send them to a link, urge them to check something out. It can be anything you want, but a call to action is always possible if you are creative.

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