There have been very few steps in the evolution of communication that have been as relevant and important as the internet. This incredible invention has brought with it a large number of new communications tools and one of the most relevant and useful is the emoji. In this particular post, I will be sharing 10 important emoji facts that you might not even know about.

1-The use of emoji in marketing has increased tremendously every year and the number of marketing campaigns that implement this strategy continue to grow constantly.

2-The very first emoji that was used online was the creation of a Japanese designer by the name of Shigetaka Kurita back in 1999.

3-The highest ranked emoji’s used on Facebook are the laughing emoji, the heart eyes emoji and the kissy face emoji. This means that people are more likely to use them when they feel good and when they have something positive to say.

4-The trends for July 2017 are an example of how the emoji use can change, with the bagel and the hands making a hearth were used more often than the common favorites.

5-Emojis have been used to conduct marketing research and ask people to give their opinions on a product by choosing a single emoji out of a list of options they give to each individual. This has made it easier for companies to get an idea of what people feel in regards to their products when speaking the modern emoji language.

6-The emoji seems to be used by more women than men, with close to 80% of women using them frequently and only 60% of them making use of these graphic emotional representations when they chat with people.

7-There are more than 60 billion emojis being sent back and forth in Facebook messages every single day. This means that the emoji has caught on as one of the most efficient ways to communicate feelings without typing words and this makes online communication faster.

8-A much larger number of people have reported using emojis in their workplace since early 2016. This means that the trend is not only for those who chat for leisure and entertainment, but also for those who do it for business communication.

9-The emoji day is celebrated on July 17, with the year 2014 being the first year it was officially celebrated.

10-The unicode standard lists has 2,666 graphics that are included in the list and some people have developed a way to communicate without words and only using those emojis.

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