Being a marketer requires that we are constantly looking for ways to produce new material for our content. This means that we need to have images for our articles, videos for our landing pages and audio for our presentations, but most importantly, we need to find the best possible way to do this without wasting time in order to achieve the kind of results that we want.


There are very few places online that have the same level of stock photo availability and the same number of video clips for all kinds of purposes as Pexels. The best thing is that this is a free service like most of the others on this list.


The creative commons media library at Vimeo is also a great choice for anyone looking to get excellent results fast.


This is an excellent place that you can use for the purpose of finding stock video files that you can use for a variety of marketing purposes.

National Park Service Multimedia

This is an awesome page that is full of free resources for anyone who is looking to use natural footage and images. The number of available options us huge and the material is completely free of charge.


These guys will send you photo bundles to your email when you register and they also have a very large number of options to choose from when you browse their library.


This is one of the social media favorites out there because it gives people the chance to get some nice looking graphics for all kinds of purposes. They charge for their content, but the quality is good.


This is a website that is constantly updating the video library that they have available for anyone to use freely. This is proof that there are many sites with quality free material that rely on their traffic to keep going.

Death to stock

The name is a bit funny considering the service, but their photos are truly breathtaking and the number of options is vast. They have some of the highest quality stock images available today.

AG Stock Photos

This is a great site for anyone who is looking for photos that are related to any kind of agricultural or farming project. They do charge a buck for each image, but their quality is quite good.

The YouTube audio library

The audio library for YouTube is a great free resource for anyone who is looking to get audio for their specific needs online.

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