Twitter is a platform that is constantly changing and gaining ground. They might not be getting the traffic that Facebook gets, but they are at the very top of the social media pyramid with only Facebook being at a clear advantage. I will share 7 precisions about Twitter in 2018 that many social media experts seem to be considering as likely changes in the platform.

Ads triggered by image recognition

This is a great and very useful feature because it will open up a world of new strategies and opportunities for marketers in this platform. The AI that Twitter is adding to their code is definitely going to come in with some surprises soon. Mostly in regards to how the system works based on the kind of interactions it has with the users.

The hunt for bots

This is not a problem that is only affecting Twitter, but other platforms have already worked hard to bring it down as much as possible. It’s predicted that twitter is going to be the one to do it with some heavy crackdown methods to eradicate as many of those accounts as possible. Huge networks that have an overwhelming number of fake accounts are also going to be investigated.

Video enhancements

Twitter understands the value and the importance of having proper video tools so that more marketers and also more casual traffic is drawn into the platform. The ear of video marketing is now close to being in full force and twitter is going to want to capitalize on this as much as possible.

Algorithm changes

To call these changes improvements is going to depend on what they end up doing. Some of the changes that other social media networks have suffered haven’t exactly been the most favorable for some of their users, but the word is out on twitter making some serious changes to theirs.

Final thoughts

Twitter is one of the most reliable social media platforms available today and it continues to be one of the top as well. Every year that goes by is essential for the survival of every platform and Twitter has managed to maintain a steady and balanced level of engagement with their community. If you are still not convinced of the importance of Twitter, you should consider using this particular platform in order to get the best results.

Sharon Callix
Award Winning Social Media Expert
International Speaker
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Twitter: @callixsharon

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