The Facebook cover has been through a lot of changes during it’s existence. It looks nothing like what it was back when it got started, but some of the changes haven’t been all that great and the new addition of colored backgrounds for comments seems to be getting mixed feelings even from the most hardcore fans of the network. Perhaps we need to look into this in a way that allows us to identify the reasons why this could be a problem for marketing purposes and how this kind of evolution isn’t always ideal for business purposes.

The biggest issue with this kind of change is that it can cause for people to feel less inclined to participate in certain things. This is not a good thing for social media as the main goal is to always keep people as engaged as possible and to ensure that they are constantly participating. This is the essence of the success in social media and being able to get the right kind of results when using this system is going to be essential.

The biggest issue with this kind of colored messaging it that it will be harder for some people to read messages properly and this is not a good thing to have to deal with. Some people might find the contrasts in some colors to be annoying and hard to read, while some devices might exacerbate that problem and make it even harder. This is the biggest problem is that there are too many brightness and color configurations to make this a viable way to deal with messaging.

If you want to get the best possible results out of working in social media, the best way to do your messaging is to use the regular standard contrasting colors that people are used to seeing. This is going to make your messages much easier for people to understand and that is always a bit advantage. Some business ventures might opt for the idea of using these new colors for their messaging, but they are only hurting their chances to engage the largest number of people they can.

Keep things simple when it comes to colors and contrast. This allows you to get much better results from your engagement efforts and people are always going to respond better to things that they can read and understand with ease.


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