Turning blog posts into videos

Thursday, 17 August 2017 by

Let’s face it, the era of video has arrived and the need for more videos in your marketing efforts is huge. The problem is that many individuals will find themselves without the time required to be making videos for their campaigns. The issue is that competitors are unforgiving and if you fail to keep up,

It seems like Facebook is looking to turn the network into an all-purpose entertainment and news phenomenon. It seems like the TV industry might finally be having serious problems dealing with the process of adapting to these changes and it could be the end of TV networks, as we know them. Their best shot now

The competition in social media continues to grow to levels that seem to be too high for anyone to even have a chance to get involved without a serious commitment. It’s quite apparent that you need to invest time and money to break through and be seen by anyone in most marketing niches. This is

The process of enhancing a network by taking ideas from them and implementing them in slightly modified, and more innovative ways has been around for as long as competition has existed. Facebook is the leader in social media in current times. This is not to say that all of their ideas and implementations have been

There have been very few steps in the evolution of communication that have been as relevant and important as the internet. This incredible invention has brought with it a large number of new communications tools and one of the most relevant and useful is the emoji. In this particular post, I will be sharing 10

Whatsapp continues to grow quickly and there is no way to deny that they have a very influential and powerful number of available services that are sure to please anyone who is looking for results. Being that this is an application that is owned by Facebook, they are continuously looking for ways to upgrade it

Houseparty clone built by Facebook

Tuesday, 11 July 2017 by

Facebook is always looking for ways to improve and implement new features to their platform as much as possible. Right now they are incorporating a new standalone app that uses the same type of system as Houseparty. According to the staff, this is going to be released sometime this fall and they have no specific

I know that the most seasoned social media users and even those with intermediate skills are going to find this to be obvious, but those who are getting started also need help and guidance. This is the reason why I have decided to provide a list with the top 5 social media sites that will

One of the most important, useful and required methods of data analysis for website marketing is the use of onsite digital analytics. So far, you have Google and other tools that help website owners find out how things are working and social media pages like Facebook also have their own tracking systems. Now there is

Facebook has a very important and difficult task that they need to handle every single month. They have to work hard in order to maintain their leading position as the most popular and the most crowded and active social media platform available. This is the main reason why they are constantly coming up with new