What happens when a company is huge in a specific market and with a specific target audience? Well, in the case of Facebook, they look to monopolize the market by making sure that they can offer every solution possible that competitors are using. Not only that, but also purchasing competitors solutions to turn them into their own, just like they did with Whatsapp.

Facebook is covering all their bases with brilliant strategies. They bought Whatsapp, but they are also changing and upgrading their Facebook messenger mobile system by creating a Lite version. This means that they are trying to simply the process of messenger for those who don’t want the bulk that comes with the regular messenger.

So far this has only been made for Android and there are no specific news or publications that mention this. The thing is that Android is a much bigger market and this makes it easier for them to develop for Android exclusively and to test out how things go. iOS is only viable once the Android market shows that they like and need the new release.

This is going to be ideal for anyone who is not interested in all of the additional things that come with messenger. This means no snapchats, no games, no effects and no bulk at all. Just a simple straight up messenger system. This is ideal for someone who feels that all of these features are terrible and a waste of time. This is the messenger for those who want to communicate at the most basic levels.

The messenger lite system is perfect for business as well as personal situations. You need to take the time to analyze what this does for you and how it helps you get results. If you feel like the most basic messenger system helps you save time and communicate faster, you are definitely going to want to stick to it and avoid the feature-heavy versions.

Always keep this in mind and you are going to get the most reliable results. This is the kind of thing that can be used for business and for personal activities, but having the lite version is definitely a refreshing thing for those who feel overwhelmed about extremely feature packed applications. So think about this when you decide if you want to install this particular version of messenger and if it will help you achieve more in life.

Sharon Callix
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