One of the most important, useful and required methods of data analysis for website marketing is the use of onsite digital analytics. So far, you have Google and other tools that help website owners find out how things are working and social media pages like Facebook also have their own tracking systems. Now there is a new alternative to help you find out how many of your Facebook visitors are clicking ads that lead to your site and how many of them are actually visiting your site.

Meassurements for success between the social media ads places on Facebook and the websites of those who place the ads is very important. Facebook has taken notice of this and that is the main reason why they continue to upgrade their services. Now Facebook ad users are going to be able to see how many people who clicked on the Facebook ads actually made it to the site and how many of them had previously visited the site too.

Being able to know how many people who visit through the ads are new visitors is going to be crucial for the optimization of the campaigns and when Facebook implements this feature it will be a total game changer for marketers. This is just one of the many things that they are planning to roll out for marketers and it seems like it will be an exciting next few years for marketers with a whole bunch of new features that will work to their advantage.

Now there will also be new details involved in terms of the kind of people that are following the page and their demographics and the location of the person clicking the page. This is basically going to turn into the next Google analytics system and we will just have to wait and see what kind of strategies Facebook is going to come up with to get more people on board. The truth is that marketers can always make use of all of those SEO tools together.

If you are using the current Facebook ads feature, you will find this to be a great addition that will release constant updates, but if you are still not using this important marketing tool it’s about time you started to look into it. It could be your ticket to a truly successful business venture.


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