The process of enhancing a network by taking ideas from them and implementing them in slightly modified, and more innovative ways has been around for as long as competition has existed. Facebook is the leader in social media in current times. This is not to say that all of their ideas and implementations have been original. The company has done plenty of “aping” and one of the most recent cases is the changes they made to compete with Snapchat after Zuckerberg failed to purchase the company.

Now, Google is considering the same thing in order to gain some followers who are currently Facebook loyal. They have pretty much given up the fight to become the best most popular social media platform, but they continue to look for way to snatch some users from the social media behemoth and aping their features is the best way to achieve this.

Perhaps Google is going to be able to innovate on some of the most attractive feature that Facebook is offering, but the competition is going to remain huge when other social media platforms are also on the hunt for the best features. The best way to enhance them is to maintain the highest possible levels of interaction between the users and the features, while retaining the efficiency and upgrading the options within those features.

It’s hard to look into the future of social media in general due to how quickly things can change if a new competitor shows up with an innovative idea, but it’s safe to say that everyone is trying their best to compete with the kind of the hill and that is still Facebook without a doubt. Only time will tell how long it takes for these other companies to be able to come up with the right formula to take the first position in the social media wars.

Facebook has the pole position with a very wide advantage over the competition and this means that there is a long road ahead for everyone else. The one thing that goes against Facebook, is that modern times do not guarantee that status even if the advantage is as huge as Facebook currently has it over the competition.

Google will continue to be a heavy contender due to their large number of resources to put up a good fight in social media.

Sharon Callix

Award Winning Social Media Expert

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