Facebook is always looking for ways to improve and implement new features to their platform as much as possible. Right now they are incorporating a new standalone app that uses the same type of system as Houseparty. According to the staff, this is going to be released sometime this fall and they have no specific information to share for the time being.

Facebook is close to two years late to make their move as Life On Air had already started the live broadcast era with the use of Meerkat. The idea was to increase the amount of live broadcasts that people did and it seemed that even periscope on Twitter and Live On Facebook had yet to create enough momentum when it came to how many people did live broadcasts.

Now that Bonfire is going to be happening, the creators of Houseparty will be faced with the challenge of avoiding being crushed by the bigger companies that always see a way to capitalize on opportunities to improve, expand and incorporate new technology and solutions for their social media platforms. It’s only natural that this concept would also be in the works.

There is still a lot to be seen when it comes to the way that live broadcasts are being used in social media. There is a lot of potential for marketing and branding purposes, but there is a also a lot of room for disastrous situations as live feeds are impossible to control in terms of mistakes, foul language and even violence that could happen during any open area broadcast.

The truth is that the marketing possibilities are going to be extremely wide and it’s going to be up to each marketer to see how much they can do to take advantage of this tool and enhance it further than what is expected. Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Twitch and many other platforms are now using live broadcasts all the time and it’s starting to become a very common thing to see.

It’s very likely that we are going to be able to see these multiple simultaneous broadcasts quite often and this really makes it feel like we are finally in that future that we only saw in movies a couple of decades ago. The important thing is for marketers to study it, get used to it and use it to their advantage to engage, promote and maintain a loyal following.


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