There are many individuals who get started with Facebook and they expect things to work for them by simply creating their page and setting a profile picture and header. Then, the disappointment comes from their lack of engagement they get and this can be a very frustrating problem. I have always proven that with the right kind of guidance, anyone can learn how to engage their fans properly and achieve the results they want.

Always have a call to action

This is essential because it encourages people to click on your links. Always have a quick call to action at the end of all your posts. Be creative with them, but always make sure to include them.

Use emoticons more often

Yes, these little graphics do have an effect on conversions because people feel a certain human quality about them and that makes them more receptive to what you do.

Evergreen is important

There are publications that have long lasting appeal and you need to take advantage of this. For example, content about news related to social media features is not evergreen because the features you mention today will be obsolete or old news soon, but content that helps people be happier or avoid anxiety are evergreen because they work now and they will work ten years from now. This is just an example and you should find topics that fit your niche.

Quote an attractive part of your publication on the description

This is a very good tactic and it’s not misleading at all. You can get the best kind of results from doing this because people are going to be more curious and more likely to open the link and get to your content.

Create surveys

People like to feel like there is a certain involvement between them and the pages they follow. This is the reason why we recommend that you always look for a way to create good surveys. This is always a great way to engage your audience and it strengthens loyalty and branding.

Don’t be afraid to be funny at times

People like to laugh and they like genuine feelings and behavior, so don’t be afraid to be funny and say something clever of witty as long as it’s not insulting or in any way offensive.

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