The process of going to events related to your business or to your industry is a great opportunity to get new leads and even new customers. I will be sharing the most important and valuable ways for you to make this happen.

Do your homework on the event

Find out everything you can about the event and the people that will be attending this particular invitation. This is going to allow you to prepare yourself and get to know as much as you can about the companies and the business ventures that are going to be involved in this process.

Stack up on those presentation cards

There is no such thing as too many cards to bring to any event. Always consider this to be essential, so print as many as you can carry with you and be sure to hand them out to everyone you meet that seems like a potential customer, alliance or useful contact.

Look to talk to those with buying power

The best and most useful way to make the most out of any event is to always work hard to connect and talk to those who are decisions makers. These events are usually going to have managers and executives with high positions in general. Do your research and find out about them in order to engage them properly.

Be ready to sell your product or service

If you want to be able to get some conversions, you need to have a pitch in your mind at all times. Be a master of your own product and sell it with a convincing pitch that people are going to love hearing. Get them interested and seal the deal right there is possible.

Follow up on every single lead you get

It is very important to follow up on every single lead you manage to get during the event. Send each one of them personalized emails even if this means you are going to have to work extra hard and spend more time than you expected. It will be worth it once they reach back to you and you increase your conversion levels.

Final thoughts

You are always going to gain something out of attending these events, so make sure that you can schedule your time properly in order to attend as many of them in your areas as you possibly can.


Sharon Callix

Award Winning Social Media Expert

Platinum Expert Author

Twitter: @CallixSharon

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