A negative review or your business can be a very serious problem and we are headed to a world that will be entirely based on ratings for all products and services and we are seeing how this is spreading further with all kinds of industries.

The holidays are a season when people are in hyper mode and they want to be able to get a fast service that allows them to get quick results. If the service they choose is not up to their expectations, the chance of a bad review is huge and you need to learn how to control this kind of issue.

The impact of a bad review

It seems like every business venture out there is now walking on egg shells with their customers to avoid a bad review. This is probably not the ideal way to handle a bad review situation in some cases because there will always be people who will give you a bad review for no good reason at all. You need to learn how to turn their bad review into a positive thing for your business by leaving a reply that exposes a mean spirited review in a polite way.

If a customer writes a review saying “your services are horrible, I will never come back here” and you know they got a stellar service, you can always write back and say “This review has been reported due to complete unfounded claims made with the purpose of a malicious attempt to discredit our service”. This might be a bit drastic, but you can always reply with “We are truly sorry that the experience was not what you expected, it would have been great to know what it is about our service that you did not like so that we could improve it”

With a reply like that, you are disarming the bad review and you are showing other potential customers that you know how to handle things and that you are willing to learn from mistakes if constructive criticism is provided.

A single bad review can mean trouble

People are very likely to consider a bad review to be a warning to them and the impact of that one bad review will be closely related to the amount of review you have. One bad review in 10 is a serious impact, while one bad review in 100 might not be as serious, but the point is that you should never leave a bad review unanswered and you should look into it in order to see if the customer can be reached for a possible removal of the review.

Watch out for competitors

There will be many situations in which you will get a very negative review and it contains mean spirited accusations that make no sense. In this kind of situation, it’s better to report this to Google and let them handle the situation. They will usually review the case and they will let you know if they will remove the review or if you need to reply to it. You already have two great examples of how to reply in case you need to reply.


The reviews that you get for your business are going to be extremely important in the process of helping you gain more customers. Always stay on the lookout for bad reviews and take action to either get rid of a bad review that is unfair, or reply with a good argument that will disarm the review.

The more you control this, the better your business will be able to do when potential customers find you.


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