There are countless ways to approach your business with mobile devices, but one of the most popular and engaging right now is Whatsapp. The problem is that most people have no idea of to implement this system to their business and they are failing to see the big picture. I will share five powerful methods that will help you reach your audience with your phone by using Whatsapp as the tool to engage them.

1-Connect with your entire team

This is the first thing you need to do when you decide to engage people with your business. You have to connect your entire team to Whatsapp and create a group that is only for business purposes. No small talk, no jokes and no sharing pictures of your breakfast either. This is going to help you communicate faster and the entire team will know exactly what needs to be done.

2-Stop calling people and send them follow-ups through WhatsApp

This has proven to be an extremely effective way to get new a better response from people when you are trying to engage them. People will rarely pick up calls from unknown numbers but they will usually check messages from all sources on Whatsapp and this makes it ideal for you to use for customer communication.

3-Turn WhatsApp into a customer support platform

If you give your clients the chance to use WhatsApp for customer service needs, they will be very grateful for this and this is going to help you build branding and loyalty. Just make sure that you send it to a number of people that you will be able to handle.

4-Send new publications to clients

A great way to engage your clients with WhatsApp is to share the blog and social media posts that you publish. This is going to increase your chances of getting more visits from those potential buyers.

5-Use it for orders

A large number of business ventures are now using Whatsapp to get orders for all kinds of services. Florists are picking up orders from this app, restaurants too. All you need is to be creative in the way you incorporate this.

WhatsApp is very popular

The biggest advantage of using WhatsApp for business is that this has become one of the most popular applications for mobile users. This means that you will be gaining access to a world of opportunities by using the app.

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