The power and influence that LinkedIn has in the modern world of social media marketing is truly outstanding and there is no way anyone could deny this at this point. It has become an extremely powerful tool for anyone who is conducting any kind of business and I will be showing you some of the most important changes that marketers need to know right now in order to get the best results from this powerful platform.

New home page look

One of the first things you are going to notice right away is that the home page has been given a whole new and much cleaner look. Now the desktop icons have been switched to the same look that they have on the mobile version and there is a display for the people who have viewed your profile as well as those who have viewed your articles. This is also a replica of the mobile version which makes the transition easier for those who switch between mobile and desktop often.

The new “Me” section changes

The profile section has been given the name “Me” now ad you can easily adjust and changes your privacy settings as well as the language for your profile and other tweaks such as the background photo dimensions being changes to 1536 x 768. The profile photo has a circular style now that is similar to the one used by Google plus.

Keep in mind that people viewing your profile are going to see the first two lines that you type on the summary, so make sure that they include very attractive writing. Your visitors can also see your contact info on the right hand side now when they check your profile.

The search feature changes

One of the most relevant changes in the LinkedIn system is the way that you can conduct your searches now. They have taken out the advanced search options and this means you are not going to be able to filter searches by name, title or location.

This seems like a bad move from LinkedIn, but they have replaced this with a search that allows you to filter people by the level of connections they have.

They also allow you to look for companies, industries, schools, non-profits and first, second and third degree levels of connection with other LinkedIn members.

The changes to “My Network”

This section has also been given some important changes that are worth noting. It has a very clean look now and this makes it easier for you to look at invitations that are sent to you by other members as well as seeing a list of people you may know. You only have the option to either message or remove your connections from this section.

The “More Options” changes

This section has the interests included to it now and you can also gain access to the LinkedIn learning center, the post a job section, groups, lookups, Slideshare and the option to upgrade to talent or sales solutions.


LinkedIn continues to upgrade and fine tune their platform and this is a clear indication that it will be a very powerful and popular place for anyone to use for business for a very long time.

Sharon Callix

Award Winning Social Media Expert

International Speaker


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