We already talked about how face recognition is changing the way that we conduct business and how the entire world of internet marketing is going to take some important steps in new directions now that this is available. Facebook has recently announced a new set of tools that are going to make facial recognition even easier to handle.

The idea that Facebook is deploying now is to be able to identify each person of any photos that are uploaded to the platform that include their face. This is an amazing thing because it could also be used for product recognition and that would provide an incredible marketing tool for business owners that offer physical products.
That doesn’t stop there though because there is also the power of being able to recognize logos or drawings and allow companies to monitor where their brand is moving around when it comes to social media. This is the kind of insight that can enhance a campaign to the point that it provides incredible profitability.

Other ways that this is helpful is to make sure that people’s identifies are not stolen and used for fake profiles. There are many fake profiles out there and people are making use of stolen images from others to commit cybercrimes. The use of fake profiles is extremely common in social media and Facebook is looking to hunt down as many of those profiles as they can. This is going to allow them to make their platform a lot safer as people are going to be alerted when someone else uses their face on their profile photo.

They are also going to be taking measures to ensure that this technology does not have any negative effects on the community and they are looking into various ways to ensuring that verification of image recognition is also made available in order to avoid any issues.

The truth is that more good will definitely come from this than bad from any angle you see it. There will be more ways for companies t track down their performance and for individuals to keep track of their identity on social media.

The future looks very bright for face recognition on Facebook ad they are implementing this incrementally in the coming months and years. We expect to see some important changes in 2018 that are going to have a positive effect on both personal social media management and marketing.

Sharon Callix
Award Winning Social Media Expert
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