Facebook has a very important and difficult task that they need to handle every single month. They have to work hard in order to maintain their leading position as the most popular and the most crowded and active social media platform available. This is the main reason why they are constantly coming up with new tests and updates and this is a report for the latest features. This is a briefing on those tests and updates for the last 7 to 10 days.

New comments thread on Instagram & Facebook

There is a new style that is being tested out for the comment thread both of these platforms. The best thing about it is that it will give testers time to provide feedback and his is going to allow them to send their opinions to the platform before it gets implemented.

Instagram photo module

Now you will be able to see Instagram photos on the Facebook page in a module dedicated specially for the images you upload to Instagram .This creates a very strong sense of synergy for those who get involved.

Animate reactions

One of the most relevant updates is that reactions are now going be animated in a way that is much more visible. This works in a way that is a bit more like the periscope heart and it will allow for a more engaging response from those who use the platform.

The pages tab

This is yet another feature that was just recently implemented on Facebook and it seems like the main purpose is to help people discover new pages easily. Many Facebook marketers feel like finding pages on Facebook is a bit cryptic and not so optimized and that is one of the reasons why this kind of feature is going to be so helpful.

Video tab categories

Now you can see different kinds of categories when people visit the video tab on Facebook and this is going to be a huge advantage without a doubt. It will give users a better way to navigate through the site and the content in this particular type of media and that is helping expand the navigability of Facebook.


Facebook features and new tests are going to be a very common thing that might happen weekly and sometimes monthly, but the expansions and the upgrades will keep on coming as long as the platform wants to remain competitive.


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