Are you Social proof? Do you have a social media presence?

I am social media expert. I assist companies get bigger audiences on social media and use techniques and strategies that will allow the business to monetise without having to spend money on advertising as well as be social proof. I have won Social Media Coach of the Year and have been accredited and endorsed by one of the leading professional organisations in the UK.

I offer individual social media coaching for entrepreneurs and I run social media training seminars for larger companies and marketing teams. I also serve as an outsourced social media manager for corporate clients, startups, anyone who wants to get a bigger social media presence.

There are several ways to apply social media marketing, but my approach is based on helping the client become an authority in their niche and build a trusting relationship with their audience. I aim to give my clients a system in place that they can follow so they get maximum exposure. FIND OUT MORE

Sharon was recently featured on Sky News as the social media expert to commentate on how to handle abuse on social media in relation to celebrities. She has recently returned from the USA where she was invited to present on to a very niched audience how to handle compliance and on line safety using social media for personal and business profiles. This invitation was an absolute honour.

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6 Steps To Boost Your Social Media

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