There is nothing more rewarding about social media than being able to use for it for good deeds. There are many way to use platforms like Facebook for business purposes and to get in touch with people for various reasons, but it can also be used to help people. The people at Facebook found out that the platform was being used to encourage people to find missing children and this gave them an idea. Emily Vacher, the Facebook security team director for trust and safety, decided to use this in order to help find missing children with a very specific system.

This gave way to a partnership that has allowed Facebook to launch an Amber Alter feature that is making things much easier for people who are searching for missing children. The system is now available in the US, Mexico, Canada, Taiwan, Malta, Luxembourg, Greece and the UK amongst other places.

This is a great way to spread awareness about the need to find these missing children and people can immediately call the police and alert the missing children Centre in their area. Several children in most areas where the alert has been implemented have been rescued, so the system definitely works. We just need to get people more involved in it and this is going to make it easier to find these children.

The Facebook community knows the value of the amber alert and this is one of the reasons why it continues to gain ground and popularity. The truth is that social media has been a blessing in this sense and hopefully other advanced methods to help track these children will be made available in the future. The system is going to be implemented more and more in several areas of the country and it is expected to achieve very good results as more people become aware of it over time.

This is definitely worth implementing if only a single parent is able to find their missing child, but the current results seem to be pointing to a very positive outcome that is reaching a large number of people. The most valuable thing about this kind of system is that it gives parents an extra layer of hope when they are searching for their missing kids. Hopefully it will be a worldwide feature soon so other countries with high rates of missing children can benefit.

Sharon Callix
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