There is no denying that a business is able to survive mainly due to the reputation it has. A bad reputation can mean disaster for any business, while a good one is the best way to grow and prosper. This is the reason why it’s so important for any business to be able to take proper care of their business reputation.

The only review phenomenon

Social media is one of the places that has implemented online reviews for those who run business pages. This is a good thing for the most part because people can get a chance to talk about your service and how satisfied they are with the results. The problem is that you also have a small number of people who are very difficult to deal with. The kind of customers that are going to give you a bad review just because you made a minimal mistake in your service.

Unfortunately, a single bad review can taint a dozen great reviews. That is the nature of how things work with any kind of business. When people look at your page and they see one bad review, they immediately think that this is the norm and they are very likely not to want to conduct any kind of business with you or purchase what you are selling.

How to deal with the bad reviews

First of all, you should never start arguing with a bad reviewer. A public or private argument with someone who leaves you a bad review is often going to lead to more issues.  The best thing to do is to always reply with patience and by ensuring the client that any mistakes will be corrected in future situations and that you will do anything needed to ensure quality.

It can be hard to remain civil and to write a calm reply to a client that has said something like “I would not recommend this site to my worst enemy” but you need to learn to deal with this kind of malicious and over the top behavior. There are many people who like to say bad things just for the sake of being mean or even for fun, but the worst thing you can do is make the problem bigger by replying in anger.

If a client goes as far as making accusations that are based on lies, you have every right to reply with a solid a concise answer that asks the person not to spread lies and to provide proof of their claims. There are always ways to do this politely. If possible get in touch with this person in a private chat and try to solve things in a manner that is civil and mature.

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