There is no question that creating groups on social media can be extremely beneficial and useful. This is one of the reasons why I will always stress the importance and value of having your own groups. In this article, I will be talking about the value and the many advantages of running your own social media groups for all kinds of purposes in online marketing.

They encourage discussion
This feels much more like a community instead of a business page. This means that people can post on the main feed of the group and they can have debates about anything they want within the rules you set for the group.

They can easily target specific customers
You can use the power of a group to target people who are interested in a specific product or niche that you are looking to promote. This is always extremely useful and it will give you the chance to achieve the best possible results when targeting people.

It can grow very fast
When you create a group on Facebook, you know you are creating a group in a location that offers a large audience, so it’s always very encouraging to see the groups grow with time, but always a steady pace.

Groups set automatic notifications
With business pages, people need to set up the notification priority, but with groups, you know you are going to have an automatic subscription to the posts that are created on the group.

Share files with the members
Being able to share files with group members is an excellent way to boost the loyalty within your community and to create a sense of participation and involvement that is extremely rewarding.

Link your website and blogs
Groups can easily be used to link your website or blog so that people can check out other information too. This is something that is always going to help create a larger interaction and you could potentially link for great conversions.

Final thoughts
Facebook is not the only platform that allows you to create successful and large groups. You can also do this with LinkedIn and Google plus and they both provide an amazingly large community that can be quite helpful for your marketing campaigns and strategies. Just remember that building a good group is not something that happens overnight, but once you get some momentum going, it becomes extremely rewarding and beneficial.

Sharon Callix
Award Winning Social Media Expert
International Speaker

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