The General Data protection Regulation will be taking effect on May 25th of this year (2018). This is going to be upgrading the level of security and safety that is provided to people online, by ensuring better protection of their information and limitation the use and the collection of that data online.

This personal data is going to include all kinds of info that is collected online. For example, your IP address, your location information, your email address, your full name, your cookies and other data collection features. The GDPR is going to allow people to have the right to full consent for their data with an affirmative action that allows their voluntary permission.

The process of retrieving and gaining access to the visitors information is going to be full of hurdles for marketers, but you can be in compliance with these new regulations by following a few important steps. This is one of the most important and relevant aspects of the GDPR and that is a new step in the evolution of marketing that we all need to consider a priority.

The information that is retrieved needs to be described properly to those who are giving away their private information. This means that any unclear or misleading information requesting for people to send their details is going to be subjected to fines. Any organization that does not comply with GDPR is going to be facing large fines and significant setbacks.

I’m going to be doing a lecture on GDRP and how this is going to affect and impact marketing in general. There is currently nothing more important and relevant in the world of marketing than the GDPR and understanding the intricacies behind it will allow you to stay ahead and maintain a competitive edge.

Keep in mind that all business ventures and companies are going to be affected by these regulations in the coming months and this will start a whole new era in marketing. This is not necessarily something negative, but some tweaks and some modifications in the marketing approach are gig to be needed. This is the main reason why I have decided to talk about this now and remind you of the chance to learn all about the GDPR and how to keep your business moving forward smoothly. This is truly something you need to learn about in order to stay out of trouble with consumers.


Sharon Callix

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