The competition in social media continues to grow to levels that seem to be too high for anyone to even have a chance to get involved without a serious commitment. It’s quite apparent that you need to invest time and money to break through and be seen by anyone in most marketing niches. This is the reason why some social media platforms are implementing services that help people get more exposure and Twitter is looking into the process of providing a premium monthly fee service of $99 in exchange for higher levels of exposure.

How does it work?

The way this system works is quite simple and very similar to Facebook ads. The difference is that when you Tweet, the twitter system will take your content and share it to people who are targeted for that content. This is of course if you are paying for their monthly premium service. The thing is that it’s too early to know how good this will be and what kind of targeting is being done by the platform to ensure the best possible hits. The best way to know for sure is with the use of a report card that will show you statistics and this could be an excellent tool for marketers.

The tool is currently in test mode and only a few select people have been able to start using it, but it seems promising enough for it to be implemented fully for all users who want to enhance their business and pay a reasonable monthly fee. How reasonable it is will depend on how good the results are.

The trend of investing in social media

If there is one aspect that is more positive than anything else – it has to be the fact that this kind of implementation is encouraging people to get involved in social media. This is going to allow more people to become aware of the importance of investing money and not just time in order to see results that are truly positive and stand out from the rest.

If you are looking for a good way to boost your Twitter following, this might be the answer to your problems, just be prepared to invest $99 monthly if you want this to be possible. This is definitely worth the investment if your return is higher and the increased followers are always a plus even if conversions are initially low.

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