Whatsapp has become an extremely popular way for people to communicate. The issue is that it seems to be affecting under age users that might not be ready for the freedom and the accessibility of such a messaging system. There are growing concerns about teenagers under the age of 16 are using this application in ways that are not productive and end up being harmful. This has turned several heads and it has forced European headquarters of the app to make decisions in regards to their accessibility.

The most common thing to consider in modern times is that the use of this sort of application gives way to all kinds of information. This is something that is very concerning when people who are underage and still developing their personalities are influenced by all kinds of media and content.

The idea now is to make sure that anyone who is between 13 and 15 years of age is going to need additional permission for a parent or guardian before they are able to use the application. The amount of changes that are going to be taking place in Whatsapp in Europe when it comes to underage users is going to be quite beneficial.

Over 1.5 billion people are now using whatsapp and this means that the network is growing substantially day by day. The need for proper restrictions for young teenagers is something that many parents find important and whatsapp is taking this seriously. Facebook owns this applications and they have not announced any restrictions for FB users based on their age.

The method to verify ages and to verify the parent or guardian permission is still unannounced, but it is expected that this is going to be implemented sometime this year. There might be other age related restrictions in applications and social media networks unrelated to Whatsapp or Facebook depending on the feedback that comes from such regulations.

Age restrictions for internet and online content are becoming a frequent concern that parents are showing. This is happening due to the large amount of influence that can be found in all sorts of online sources. This is why the protection of underage users is becoming a more common topic amongst several networks. We will see how this turns out in the coming years and how these applications and sites achieve better control of the features they allow their users to have.


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