There is no question that whatsapp has gained a lot of ground when it comes to mobile communications. Everyone uses this particular application for the purpose of communicating with others, but the emoji’s originated on other messenger systems for windows and iOS. The big deal here is that all of these companies are trying to provide the most integral and entertaining experience for their users, to whatsapp did the best they could.

Now that whatsapp has updated their emojis, it seems like Facebook (being the owner) is looking to provide an entirely native experience for their users that is not going to require for them to get anything done. They can now have the entire experience with the new emojis that look great and are very expressive. This is the reason why you can end up having the best results with whatsapp now and you don’t need to consider any other messenger systems to get better emojis.

The truth is that the emojis don’t look all that different from Apple’s, but they look different enough so that they are not a blatant copy. This is the reason why so many people are using whatsapp exclusively now, because they have made sure that they can provide every feature that is available in other messenger systems. This has made it much easier for whatsapp to continuously recruit new people who are using their platform more than any other.

The messenger system wars are taking place with serious intent and everyone is trying to outdo the competition all the time. The problem is that this is a never-ending process and the systems that feel left behind will update their features too in order to keep up. This makes it very hard for anyone to stay loyal to a single messenger system if they want to get the most optimal experience.

The biggest advantage of whatsapp is that it has become the most popular messenger system that is not attached to a social media network. It works entirely standalone from your social media contacts unlike the Facebook messenger and this is an attractive thing for people who want to keep their contacts and their communications separate between platforms and applications.

It’s hard to say who will maintain leadership in the messenger system wars, but whatsapp has become a great marketing tool for all kinds of business ventures.

Sharon Callix
Award winning social Media Expert
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