30 “Proven” Ways to Make Money Online Blogging with WordPress

WordPress is the biggest publishing platform and it powers more than 30% of all the websites on the planet. The top 15 ways to make money online blogging with WordPress are:

  1. Make money with Affiliate Marketing: Recommend a service or a product to all your audience by using special tracking links and then you will get a referral commission every time someone buys something after clicking your links.
  2. Display Google AdSense on WordPress: You can a script from Google directly to your website and start displaying ads; you will get paid anytime a visitor clicks on the ads.
  3. You can sell ads directly by using a WordPress Advertising Plugin, Google AdSense is easy to set up but the money you can make is always going to be limited.
  4. A way to monetize a blog is through some sponsorship because these works as they do on TV shows, so a company will pay you to represent their products.
  5. You can get paid to write reviews, just by trying some products related to your business and then writing about it.
  6. Making money online by flipping websites is always a good idea. You can build a WordPress blog and then selling it when it’s popular enough.
  7. Become a public speaker is a good way to make money; many bloggers are making a lot of money just by speaking at conferences or similar events.
  8. Your loyal fans are going to be willing to pay a small fee to read some of your exclusive content, so you can create a member’s only space with premium content.
  9. Creating a Private forum is also a great idea; members are going to have to pay to have access to these exclusive forums.
  10. Creating questions and answers community will help you to create a group that is motivated, highly engaged, and driven.
  11. Creating a niche or local directory might be very beneficial and useful because they can gather reviews of local businesses, giving topics, among others.
  12. Another great way to make money is by creating a paid job board. Any company that wants to advertise an open position to your audience is going to pay you to submit a listing.
  13. Instead of adding a job board, you can also create a WordPress event calendar with paid submissions.
  14. EBooks are also a great way for creating digital products, plus they are really simple to produce and write.
  15. Selling online courses is another fantastic way to make money online and they normally have a much higher price than the EBooks.

Other options are: Host a paid webinar, Offer some freelance services, start a consulting business, become a coach, Star Ecommerce Business with Woocommerce, create Online T-Shirt store, create an Amazon affiliate WordPress shop, create an online market website, make auctions website, create a job marketplace website, develop WordPress Plugins, Sell themes from WordPress, sell graphics on your WordPress site and accept donations.

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