Trending marketing strategies for 2023

Short videos
Video has become the content that has had a sustained growth year after year, reaching maximums since the pandemic.

If we analyse social networks, this trend accelerates even more, Tiktok has become the social network with spectacular growth in 2020, 2021 and 2022. BeReal is growing at a good pace in 2022, Twitch has become the preferred option for teenagers, who no longer have television as a reference. Not to mention Instagram’s turnaround, with the increasingly overt prioritisation of reels as the most viral and viewed format.

TikTok now has blatantly copied BeReal, to continue on the path of growth. Tiktok wants to continue offering its users the latest content sharing options.

Youtube has also jumped on the bandwagon with Shorts, its micro-video format with which it is trying to compete with TikTok and Instagram. Many music stars and influencers have joined the wave, but for the moment it seems that nothing is overshadowing these social networks.

Exciting stories
We are demanding more and more from brands, but apart from their line of communication being consistent, we need them to tell us stories that touch our hearts.

It is not enough to hang a banner on a shopping street in a major city to make it go viral on social networks. It is a necessary condition in some cases, but not enough, we must work with imagination and creativity. But above all to surprise the public and thus connect in a way that they do not forget the brand in front of the flood of impacts we receive daily.

Omnichannel advertising
Just a few years ago, investing in advertising in a single channel was a symptom of almost assured success. But the increase in advertising and the increase of companies that have entered the advertising market in recent years, the analysis of the customer journey map is a must.

Working inbound marketing has moved to all departments of the company. It is no longer enough for the pressure to come from the sales department. More than ever, all departments must work on offering omnichannel advertising that impacts, convinces and builds user and potential customer loyalty.

Currently, the combination of organic channels, thanks to SEO and social networks, paid channels, social ads, programmatic advertising and SEM, marketing automation, affiliates, and strategic agreements, are becoming a winning formula.

Zero Party Data
Consumer privacy and the minimization of data stored by advertising tools have led the way since 2020. Operating system upgrades have made user modeling increasingly necessary. But it’s clearly not magic.

Working with quality data is a significant asset to achieve positive marketing results. If we have already worked with databases, we can improve performance substantially.

This is where zero party data takes on special significance for further improvement.

Physical Revolution
Since 2020, digital has become the predominant channel for sales, thanks to e-commerce and the facilities provided. But we must not forget that the physical channel remains essential for many consumers, especially in the customer journey.

Going to a local store to browse and compare, and then buying cheaper online, is something that many users do.

It is also true that customer service in the physical channel has gradually deteriorated. With that, many consumers have had to choose the digital channel as the predominant one.

However, the combination of physical and online channels has become an obligation to work on in order to provide a top-notch service.

AI in Creativities and much more
Artificial intelligence applied to creative generation has experienced significant growth since September 2022. Many companies have joined the trend of launching their AI to compete in this market.

The results are clearly improvable, but they are getting better and better. In some cases, the results are astonishing. Obviously, we are only taking the first steps in this field, and we are expecting to continue with great advances in artificial intelligence by 2023.

Sharon Callix
Multi Award Winning Social Media Expert
International Speaker