It seems like people are growing more and more concerned about the idea of being able to delete their search history when they use a computer. Everyone is constantly worried that someone might be looking into their activities and this is a reason why Google has decided to take action and give people an easier method to delete their history from their browsers.

There is a growing concern with the privacy that people want to be able to have when they are browsing the web. The truth is that this privacy needs to be enforced, or this issue could have a serious effect on the number of people who continue to use the internet on a frequent basis. Google knows this and they are aware of the dangers of having problems with people’s privacy at levels that would force them to stop using the web.

They have created a feature that is called “your data in search” and this is going to allow people to adjust the settings of their ad activity in order to decide what kind of information Google can save into their account. Google has always claimed that they do not sell data, but they do use that data to customize their advertisement in searches and platforms like YouTube and Google maps.

This privacy control change is going to be extremely positive as it will allow them to get much better results when it comes to giving peace of mind to users when they are browsing the web. Some people are simply not interested in having their information used for any purpose and this customization will make it easier for them to decide what can be used and what should be left alone.

It’s very obvious that the strategies used by Google to customize their ads are quite powerful. All you need to do is search for something once and you will start to see ads that relate to your search within minutes of your search. Now that Google has added this feature, that will change, but that change is going to allow people to have a better experience and they will finally stop worrying about their privacy being invaded to a certain extent.

We have to wait and see just how effective this is and if people are going to feel satisfied with this new privacy feature.

Sharon Callix
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