While it may seem like modern marketing is always out there to save the day, you need to consider the many aspects of this process. Some marketers are committing serious sins that are creating the most difficult situations.

The idea with this post is to explain those mistakes and to help people avoid them to ensure the best results.

Expecting results from sporadic content
This is always the biggest mistake and the most common issue that marketers face. They expect to be able to see great organic results by posting one or two blogs per month. This is not going to be possible and it will create a very difficult situation.

You need to have a good amount of consistency if you want to be successful with your digital marketing efforts. Keep in mind that popular niches require daily content to be posted. The quality also needs to remain high at all times.

Not investing in the initial momentum
There are many markets who expect to have the best results with their efforts without considering the importance of investing in ads. It is not ideal to have to invest in ads all the time, but it is very useful and reliable on the first few months.

There is an old saying that goes “you need to spend coin to make coin” and this is a very true statement. Do not expect to have good results fast without investing at least a small amount of your budget in promotional efforts.

Not using proper analytics
One of the most powerful aspects of any internet campaign is to have the ability to look into performance data. If you are not using proper analytics tools, you will have a hard time fine-tuning your campaigns.

Even something as simple as knowing how to use Google analytics properly can go a long way in this process.

Failing to split test
One of the key elements of internet marketing in general is that you can’t expect all your efforts to work optimally. For example, if you have a sales pitch for a product, you need to test another version just to compare performance and decide which one is better.

The process of split testing can be done with a 7 day period for each version of the sales content. This gives you plenty of time to get some results that provide enough insight.

Filing to evolve with the times
The process of digital marketing is one that is constantly evolving and moving forward. This is extremely important and any marketer that is looking to find success needs to consider evolving with the times. This means being able to adapt to any new trends and strategies in marketing.

Final thoughts
There are many ways in which marketers can ensure that their efforts will provide results, but there are also some mistakes that can really affect their campaigns. This is the reason why it is very important to learn how to avoid falling into those issues.

Sharon Callix
Multi Award Winning Social Media Expert
International Speaker

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