There are many ways in which social media can start to evolve in order to become something more accessible to people in general. The biggest concern is the lack of instant messaging and direct messaging options.

Instagram had no direct messaging option for people on desktops, but this has now become something that is available to those who still use this type of computer. It’s important to consider that not all users can gain access to applications at all times on their mobiles, and some people prefer to be able to have their work tools all in a desktop environment.

This is the kind of thing that brings more people into the process of communicating with others when they use platforms like Instagram. The biggest concern with many platforms right now is that they are too focused on the use of mobile devices and this is one of the reasons why so many people don’t make use of these platforms.

The best thing about Instagram doing this is that it reinforces the opportunity to start conducting business and communicating. This is a good initiative because the focus can’t be entirely on mobile devices. It needs to shift to a broader audience and that is what Instagram is doing with this process.

This is very beneficial to social media managers who may want to conduct their business from their desktops. Instagram made a good call as we are now seeing more people working from home and a desktop is ideal for this purpose as it does allow for more power and more modifications and upgrades.

Having this kind of option is always going to be an advantage and this is the reason why Instagram has made this move. It’s also important to consider that this is going to create an even larger network of people who communicate through Instagram and that is something worth considering.

Final thoughts

We are seeing a huge change in the way that business is being conducted in the digital world. Social media networks need to adapt in order to be able to attract as many marketers as possible, and Instagram has done a great thing by making this process easier.

If you have been avoiding the use of Instagram due to lack of desktop features, you can now make use of direct messaging with your desktop computer.

Sharon Callix
Award Winning Social Media Expert
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