LinkedIn Workshop with Award Winning

Social Media Expert Sharon Callix

JUNE 2ND 2019

10 – 6PM

Holiday Inn Hotel

Wrights Ln, Kensington, London W8 5SP

LinkedIn is the world’s biggest professional networking site. Knowing how to work your way around LinkedIn will put you in the best possible position to market yourself, your company and the services you offer. For this reason I have decided to run a LinkedIn Workshop this April.

The workshop is aimed at professionals from all sectors that want some guidance about how to use it to promote themselves. I will be assisting you with creating or building up your profile, so make sure you bring your own laptop with you on the day.

This workshop is for you if you are stuck or just can’t keep up with the ongoing changes.

This event is for you if you want to enhance your social media presence using LinkedIn.

You will discover the following:

  • Incredibly useful LinkedIn features you might not be using
  • Features to get more business
  • How to correctly upload your bio on LinkedIn to appear in searches
  • How To optimise you profile
  • How to customise your Personal URL on LinkedIn
  • How to get your personal LinkedIn badge
  • The importance of your profile image
  • The formula for writing a magnetic headline and how to blog on LinkedIn
  • How to get LinkedIn recommendations
  • What does All-Stars status mean, and how can you achieve it?
  • How to increase your profile with less than 500 connections in less than 28 days, and so much more


I will help you to create or update your profile on LinkedIn. This includes:

  • Uploading a photo, headline and job summary. If your LinkedIn profile doesn’t already have a banner on it, or you would like a new one, I will design this for you.
  • Writing or updating the content on your profile, taking into account keywords and search terms that will make your profile more likely to appear in Google and LinkedIn search results.
  • Adding Multimedia to your LinkedIn profile (e.g. videos, documents etc.).

Once we have gone through how to set up a professional profile on LinkedIn, we will then work on building up your network. To do this we will:

  • Help you search for, join and participate in relevant groups
  • Help you to search for and follow potential clients.
  • Teach you how to write compelling status updates
  • Follow the correct Hashtags for your industry
  • Teach you that you only need to spend 20 minutes a day (Maximum)
  • Ensure you get targeted leads once your profile is complete.

Read how this proven technique will ensure you are ahead of your competitors and allows your posts to get the visibility it deserves.


  • Free WiFi
  • Personal Access to me for 10 days after the day is over to support you
  • Unlimited email support
  • I will also guarantee you reach 100 new connections from the day of the workshop
  • Will provide you with tools to use that are free

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JUNE 2ND 2019

TIME @ 10 – 6PM



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