You Will Learn:

  • Why Twitter is an Effective Marketing Tool
  • How Can You Use Twitter?
  • Getting Started
  • Twitter Language/Symbols
  • How to Get Followers
  • Twitter Etiquette
  • Providing Value on Twitter
  • Writing Eye-Catching, Interesting Tweets
  • Twitter Plugins
  • Twitter Tools
  • Twitter Services
  • More Ways to Make Money With Twitter
  • Twitter Tips and Secrets

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You will realise that:

  • Twitter is fun
  • Twitter is easy
  • Twitter can drive insane amounts of traffic to your site/blog
  • Twitter can help to build your brand
  • Twitter can help to find new business contacts and JV partners
  • Twitter can connect you to millions of people around the world in real-time
  • Twitter is THE FUTURE!

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Today Only: £40.00

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