There is an undoing debate between people from all over the world in regards to Facebook and how much information they really know about us. The truth is that no one can tell for sure how much information they keep for themselves, how much of it is leaked and even how much of it is sold. There is no way to prove this if you are on the outside like most of us and the best thing to do is to learn to practice safe behaviour in social media.

Facebook and privacy
Facebook has been in a large number of controversial situations due to their privacy breaches. They claim that all of our information is completely safe and no one looks into it unless required and requested due to terms of service breaches. The truth is that the best thing you can do when using social media is to avoid writing anything or saying anything that you won’t want to be revealed to more than the person receiving the message.

Social media should be used for casual chat or for business, but you should never discuss anything you consider private in any private chat online. The minute you write something on the web, you can’t guarantee that you don’t have any control over who might see that information in the future. Even if only breaches were the cause of that privacy being compromised, I would think that this is reason enough to be careful with anything you ever publish online.

Social media platforms continue to struggle
Facebook and all other social media platforms continue to struggle with privacy breach issues. In many cases, Facebook has been in the hot seat regarding this issue and this is definitely something that concerns a large number of people all over the world. The process of ensuring a safe platform is not an easy one at all.

Final thoughts
The greatest thing that we can do when it comes to digital media is to learn to use it for business and for casual talk. Anything that we find to be private or a delicate subject should not be shared on any messages on social media. You just never know when and why, and who something might end up being leaked of compromised for any reason. Don’t forget that the creators of social media are also human and their networks can also be vulnerable to attacks and hacks.

Sharon Callix
Award Winning Social Media Expert
International Speaker

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