How to Make Money on Social Media as an Influencer in 2021 (Updated March)

If you already have thousands of Instagram Followers and you are gradually climbing the ladder to turn into a social media influencer, but you are looking for ways to monetize that influence better or maybe you are completely new to the world of influencer marketing but you are interested in it, this blog is for you.

  1. Produce High-Quality Content: 

First impressions are important, so the quality of the content you share is always going to determine the kind of impression you will be able to take on some potential partners. When brands are looking for potential influencers on social media, they will look for the influencer’s engagement rate, reach, and relevance but also they will check the content so they can determine how good they are as content creators.

2. Engage your audience:

Also, the brands are going to look for the engagement rent when they are searching for new influencers to work with, that’s one of the reasons why engaging with your loyal audience is so important if you really want to make money on social media. 

3. Join an influencer Network

No matter if you are looking at how to monetise your influence or you are just starting as an influencer, joining an influencer network could be a nice way to find a brand that you can work with. These influencer networks are capable to match you with specific brands that are looking for influencers that fit your characteristics.

4. Share your Patreon account

Setting up a Patreon account and share it with your followers on social media will offer a special experience to all your fans that are willing to pay a fee. This exclusive experience could be from more detailed versions of your social media or early access to some of your content. 

5. Co-create product lines:

You already built an important following and you’ve also worked with some brands to generate some income but you think that there aren’t more opportunities to increase the incomes but the truth is that there are other ways to do it. One of the best methods is to promote some products that you already created with the partnership of a brand.

6. Promote your products

You can also promote your products, of course, you will need to make a small investment first but if want to monetize your influence even more, and this investment might be beneficial in the long terms. You can make the promotion of these products on social media. 

7.Sell your photographs:

This isn’t a well-known way to make money but you can be sure that it is effective as well. If you too photos for social media and they have a good quality, you can sell them. So if you are active on social media especially on Instagram and you love photography, this might be a good way to make more money.

There are other ways to make money on social media, but these are some of the most common and effective. 

Sharon Callix

Multi Award Winning Social Media Expert
International Speaker

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