The internet and the regulations that come with it are often confusing and sudden, but it’s always very important to consider that many of these laws are meant to protect people as consumers online. There are quite a few things that people need to consider in terms of the way that we communicate and interact online. For example, there are some chat automated systems that allow a database to act as a real-life representative and takes people through a series of scenarios until an actual person is introduced to the chat.

The problem seems to be that some people thought they were talking to a person when this automate chat started to send them messages on a chat. This would often lead to them sending a large message and asking for a reply, but never getting one. This would make them feel ignored and they would leave the chat never to come back. This is a problem that affects both the business owners and potential customers, but there are other issues too.

Some bots have become very deceptive for both political and commercial uses and they have often made people think that an actual person is talking to them. Senator Robert Hertzberg has mentioned that he feels that these bots are very deceiving and the need for a law to force bots to disclose that they are not human is extremely important to keep things in order.

Bots and automation
One of the issues with this law and bots is that many business ventures use automated bits and messages to greet people or to let them know they are busy and they will be right back. Such messages are often meant to be passed as real messages from a particular person, but this new law might even affect that area. This is the reason why things could get tricky and it would feel awkward and disruptive to create a message that immediately discloses automation.

A line needs to be drawn and people need to be able to make use of certain automated bot strategies without having to disclose anything. This is going to be extremely important because it will create a fair situation for both consumers and business owners. There are essays and studies that are entirely dedicated to the regulation of bot speech. We are yet to see where this is going to lead and how it will play out, but one thing is for sure, bots are in for a ride on the regulation train.

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