What is active status on Facebook?
There is a completely new way to call being online at Facebook. In case you didn’t notice, the words “active status” are now used on Facebook to let people know if they are shown as online to their contacts or not.
Activating and deactivating these features is very important depending on what you are doing on the site. If you decide for example to turn off active status on chat, you will still be able to reach all of your contacts, but they will not see you in the list of active users.

How to turn the active status on and off
The process of turning your Facebook active status on and off for your specific needs is not complicated. All you need to do is click on the gear icon that is found at the bottom right on the chat sidebar. Once you get there, just click on “turn on active status” or “turn off active status”. Once you have selected one, just click okay and it will be done.

How to turn the active status on and off on Messenger
There is a different way to do this when you are using the FB messenger. All you need to do is tap your profile picture from the home page at the top right. This is going to give you an option called “Active status”. Just tap on that option and then toggle to turn the status on or off as needed. Then tap on your choice for confirmation.

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