Facebook is one of the most popular social networks out there for many reasons. One of them is Facebook pages. Now they just released a new version with a brand new design that in some way makes things simpler for all the creators and also public figures. The changes were made to let people achieve their business objectives but at the same time to build a community.

What’s new? What are the most important changes?

  1. The navigation between pages and the personal profile is easier.
  2. There are some new features related to integrity and safety that will help to detect impersonator accounts and spam content.
  3. The new design of its layout is more intuitive and simple.
  4. Notifications are more relevant and actionable insights.
  5. The dedicated News Feed to join and discover new conversations will help to interact with peers, engage with your fans, and follow trends.
  6. The task-based admin controls will give the administrator’s partial access or full control.

Highlights of some of the new features

New ways to Engage and dedicated News Feed
These pages now can join and discover conversations, interact with your peers, engage with fans, and follow the trends. Also, News Feed will suggest for you connections for other Pages, trending content, public figures, and Groups. The comments from public figures will be bumped to the top of the comments section so the Page conversations will be more visible to a wider audience.

Intuitive and Simple Page Design
The navigation between the personal profile and the public page will be easier. The design is now more streamlined and cleaner than it was before because it will make it easier for people to see posts, bios, and other important information.

Focusing on Page Followers
They are focusing on followers so it will be simpler the way how people will connect with their favorite pages, so they are removing the Likes. Contrary to what happens with the Likes, the followers of a page represent the people who are going to receive updates from the different pages, which will help to give public figures a strong idea of how many fans they have.

Improved Page Management tools 
They are adding new Page management features, one of them is that it will have administrator access permissions that will be based on some specific tasks, like for example, will be able to grant different levels of access that will allow that admin managing tasks like include Ads, Messages and Insights.

These new features will take the Facebook Pages to a high new level, making it easier and simpler to use but so much more efficient.

Sharon Callix
Multi Award Winning Social Media Expert
International Speaker

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