Facebook has always worked hard to add new tools and features to the platform. This is one of the reasons why Facebook has managed to stay relevant and to continue to provide the best marketing tools to their audience. The new features are oriented to easier access to streaming options too and this makes it a very reliable service for those who seek to make more use of streaming options.

The importance of video in marketing
Marketing is all about video exposure now and it comes very apparent that marketers all over the world are seeing this as an essential part of their business. The Facebook platform has started to shift into a more video-oriented experience for a while now, and this means that marketers and their target audience can benefit from how practical and useful it is to make use of the features.

The testing tools that Facebook is launching are really helping change the business in many ways. The ability to discover all kinds of new material is making a huge difference in the process of engaging your audience and making sure that they come back for more.

The updates on playlists for videos and the possibility of creating episodic content that is arranged and organized in a useful way is also going to open the doors to a lot of new material. This is a very powerful way for marketers to upgrade their level of results with their audience. One that is giving Facebook users more reasons not to need to switch to other platforms for more robust video experience.

The future of marketing
The future of marketing is completely linked to video and streaming services. We are able to see that the way that business owners and influencers engage their audience is much more effective when they use video. This means that Facebook and other social media networks need to continue creating features and content that help marketers use the platform or the purpose of engaging their audience.

Final thoughts
Only time will tell if Facebook can continue to be the most reliable social media platform available, but one thing is for sure. They have done an amazing job when it comes to the features that they have been rolling out. They continue to say one-step ahead of their competitors and this has always been Facebook’s strength in the social media race.

Sharon Callix
Award Winning Social Media Expert
International Speaker

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