Facebook looking to appeal to younger users with new feature

There is no denying that Facebook continues to upgrade their services and maintain their position at the top of the social media world. Their ability to innovate and adapt has always made them the ultimate platform and now they are setting their sights to appealing to younger users with a new feature.

This came after Facebook started to notice that a large number of teenage users started to abandon the platform in favour of other options. They know that the snapchat type features and the ease of use are just not enough, so they brainstormed a completely new idea they have called LOL. Yes, that is right, the LOL section is a special feed that gives younger audiences the chance to check a bunch of funny clips and gifs on all kinds of categories such as Animals, pranks, fails and other things that are of interest to younger audiences.

This is now on a testing phase, but some people believe this is not going to be enough for the younger audiences to fall in love with Facebook again. There might be more that is needed for them to really catch the attention of a younger crowd, but as usual, only time will tell what comes from this. I personally believe that the younger audiences are being targeted because these large social media networks know that they are the future. This means that the sooner they gain their loyalty, the better.

Here are many challenges ahead for Facebook and for all other social networks out there. The most important thing is for them to have enough features to cater to a large audience of all ages. The younger crowds are becoming increasingly difficult to please and this can be a huge issue. They need to be able to capture the attention of those younger visitors if they want to remain at the top. The question is if this kind of effort is going to be enough to make that happen or if they are going to fall short.

As I always say, time will tell, but at least they are making a conscious effort to get those younger audiences to pay attention to them. We are going to have to wait and see how things turn out once they have fully launched his new feature and how much acceptance they get from the younger audience.

Sharon Callix

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