Facebook opens Messenger API to Instagram messaging for businesses

Facebook has been growing more and more every year, and they got much bigger when they bought Instagram. Instagram was created to compete against the famous Snapchat and for all those reasons and now even more since Facebook bought it, Instagram is now valued at more than 100 billion dollars.

Facebook is always evolving; they are always introducing new features and expanding their services and products and now it is one of those moments because Facebook is expanding the messenger API to give support to the Instagram messages and they are doing it by enabling businesses and developers to integrate the messages from Instagram with other applications.

Facebook is saying that the new Messenger API is now in closed beta and for the first time it will support the automated replies on Instagram. In 2016, the company opened the messenger platform to bots and is now looking for faster responses on Instagram and they are doing it by letting businesses have automatic replies to some of the common inbound inquiries.

There’s something that Facebook has been pushing over the past 2 years and is that they are trying to unite some of their assets like Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. For example, they enable Instagram and Messenger users so they are now able to send messages to each other.

All you need to know about Instagram messaging for Businesses
Since Facebook bought Instagram for one billion dollars, Instagram has come a very long way, now with almost 1 billion users around the world; it turns into an attractive offer for all those businesses that are looking to increase not only their sales but also their engagement.

Instagram has been offering a lot of tools for businesses and now it emerged as a possible e-commerce platform where people and especially consumers can buy and also discover all kinds of goods from the retailers.

How does it work?
Facebook, Instagram, and all the other Applications simplify things for their customers, so in this case, they do the same. When you are opening the Messenger API to Instagram will allow businesses to have access to the customer’s conversations inside the Apps in their workflow, like for example the CRM (Customer Relationship Management). What it means is that messages that a customer send could be displayed

When the Messenger API is directly open to Instagram is open, will let any businesses access a customer’s conversation inside applications in their daily workflow, such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

This means messages from a customer could be displayed together with their order history. Right now, the upgrade of the Messenger API is just available by a BETA program for only some businesses and select developers like H&M, Nars, Sephora, Adidas, and Michael Kors.

To be able to start, the interested parties can work directly with developers to incorporate Instagram messaging with the systems and tools they are using right now. If they want to use the API when it opens as a BETA, all the businesses that are interested can sign up for the waitlist and developers can do the same by signing up for the developer partner waitlist.

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