Being able to understand what kind of topics are going to be popular during certain seasons of the year is very important. This allows you to take advantage of the trends and this is perfect when you are trying to start a marketing campaign for a specific demographic.

For example, Facebook will give you a report on topics to watches and the fluctuation in traffic that is generating buzz for specific events, products or services. You might see a spike in football conversations or a sudden spike in talks about a specific state or country.

The beauty of being able to control this and to get a good idea of what is popular, is the number of strategic changes that you can engage. The best online campaigns are always those that are able to see things further than the average marketer does. This is the best way to gain a competitive edge.
Some would argue that this is not going to be useful enough on its own and that is correct. The power of topics to watch and trends is always going to be a complementary advantage and not the main weapon of choice for conversions.

Understanding this can help you come up with publications that might be of interest to people who happen to participate in those trends. The larger your audience, the easier it is to get someone to pay attention. This is why making use of the topics to watch feature on Facebook is going to be a great way for you to start seeing better results from your campaigns.

Sharon Callix
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