Google plus is coming to an end

It might seem crazy to think that a network created be one of the largest and most successful companies on the web is going to close down for good. Goggle plus seemed to be the most promising social media network for a while, and people even said that it would be able to beat Facebook as the most reliable and powerful network available. Unfortunately, things did not work out well for this platform and Google has decided to pull the plug on this service.

If people want to make any backups from all of their Google Plus efforts, they are going to be able to do so until April 2nd, 2019. This means that you still have a couple of months before your page is no longer available and you are unable to recover any of your data. It might seem like a couple of months is enough time, but it also depends on how much data you want to backup, so get started with the process ASAP.

There is no guarantee
One thing I want to mention about this issue with Google plus is that it reminds us that there is no guarantee of success even if you have all the money in the world. Google is a company with enough money to support and promote a social media network with ease, bit as we can see, even with all the money and some of the most brilliant minds working for them, they were unable to make Google plus turn into the ultimate social media platform they expected it to be.

This is a good example of the fact that social media can be a very unpredictable phenomenon. If you look at the initial stages of Facebook, the platform had very little appeal to offer, but it still caught on and millions of people started to use it. Perhaps Google has many valuable lessons that they have learned from this experience, but it’s always strange to see such a powerful and big company being unable to turn a project into a success.

Final thoughts
Google Plus had a good share of years that made it seem like it would survive the social media wars. People seemed to be interested in the platform for a while, but somewhere in the trajectory, everything feels apart and the platform was lost in obscurity. Some blame Instagram for the revolution of social networks, and others simply think that Google plus was never a very attractive or practical network for most people. Either way, we are now finally saying goodbye to this particular platform.

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