It seems like the WhatsApp application may be in danger of losing the top spot after the latent threat promised by Google’s new RCS messages. With the use of WiFi or mobile data and the possibility to perform group chats with this addition, the instant messaging platform could be forgotten if the new implementation of the most used search engine in the world expands.

Even with the incredible data stating that WhatsApp has been downloaded by over 1500 million active users, the official arrival of RCS messages on Android mobiles for a few weeks now could be all that is needed in order to take the front place in terms of worldwide appeal. RCS messages, so far, are only available in the United States, although according to different international media, Google’s new implementation is already moving to a full expansion that is going to reach the entire world and they definitely have the funds required to spread the word.

WhatsApp will alert you if someone tries to access your account from another cell phone Features of the RCS vs WhatsApp. One of the most outstanding features of the new WhatsApp rival is that it has a character limit of 8k per message, unlike the 160 that has an SMS. This is a huge difference that is going to make things quite different and it will start bringing in more people to the RCS camp.

RCS is also featuring a cross-platform message synchronization system that has proven to be extremely reliable. Used with WiFi or mobile data. You will be able to create chat groups. You have the possibility to send voice messages and these messages are encrypted to ensure that they are safe from any kind of cyber attack. WhatsApp will alert you if someone tries to access your account from another cell phone so this is not a feature that is only exclusive to RCS, but we are seeing a very important number of differences.

The possibility for RCS messages to dethrone WhatsApp is high. The only thing missing is to wait for all countries to be able to take advantage of the use of this application. So perhaps you are wondering if you would stop using the popular WhatsApp instant messaging app and start considering the use of Google’s latest addition. It seems like the features are attractive enough to convince a good number of people.

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