Maintaining a high level of communication with your customers is going to be extremely important. This is the best way to ensure a long-term relationship and a powerful result in terms of loyalty and engagement. This is the reason why this particular feature is going to be so useful.

There is an undeniable need that companies have in modern times to create optimal lines of communications with their customers. Facebook gives you the opportunity to do this in a very seamless and powerful way. This is done by incorporating the Facebook messenger system to your site with a simple plugin. This is going to make the process extremely easy to handle.

Embedding live chat is extremely easy and you can do this by opening an account at Zotabox.

I would recommend that you setup your account with Facebook as this is going to make it easier for you to get this done faster. The best thing about Zotabox is that it has a huge list of compatible platforms, so if you work with Shopify, WordPress, Weebly, Magento and others, you are still going to get optimal results for your needs. This is a very simple process and you can easily find tutorials online on how to incorporate Zotabox to any of those platforms and content management systems.

Connecting your Zotabox to your Facebook page is also very easy and the step-by-step instructions will have your plugin working in no time. Keep in mind that having this addition on your website means that you have to maintain a certain level of engagement and activity to make it worth the installation. Once you have it, you can fully customize the way it will look and how it will be displayed on your website. This is also a great feature because it allows you to get a very customizable set of options for optimal performance.

Final thoughts
This is an excellent way for you to start seeing a positive change in your engagement and conversions. When you are able to help people immediately, this is going to build a strong sense of loyalty from the very beginning and that is very important.

I do recommend that you take the time to look into this powerful and important application. It can be a huge game changer and it will allow you to communicate with your clients in a way that feels more powerful and personal.

Sharon Callix
Social Media Expert

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