Today there is no one buying anything without first having carried out a market study of the product that seems to be a good attractive alternative. If you want to buy a car, you go online to watch videos of cars so that you can select the one that best suits my needs.

This is why today we want to show you how you are going to use YouTube to grow your business. This is done by following all the steps indicated here and you will manage in a short time to increase your online presence without a doubt.

Follow the recommendations I give you to engage people to watch your video, share it and in the end get them to become your customers. Make engaging, short videos where you can show what you’re offering.

Remember that not all audiences are the same, some only have the ability to retain a few seconds and that’s why the importance of realising what we offer without extending much to you. Be natural, explain how you got there, and tell your story. These are great ways to ensure that your audience is going to feel more connected to you.

When selling, don’t make your audience feel pressured, that is, you have to sell seamlessly and you’ll attract more people.

Now you will know that there are two ways to upload organic and ad-supported videos, there you must be the one who must decide. YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Internet, with Google being the first.

You should know that on YouTube people get hooked, get involved and a good video with engaging content will get the viewer to remember you. Build relationships and get your viewer to want to watch more and trust your brand.

Essential tips for YouTube Growth:

Publish consistently
Posting videos from time to time doesn’t work, because you don’t give people reason to return to your channel periodically. And because YouTube’s algorithm doesn’t recognise you as a serious or relevant channel.

Being present in the conversation
I am told thanks by people who appreciate the fact that I am answering the comments. Engage with your subscribers.

Promote to get traffic
This is especially important at the beginning when you don’t have followers, to get views on your videos, you have to promote them. In fact, this will remain important in the future.

None of this is magical
The real key is to like the constantly changing YouTube algorithm and what it wants you to know that your content likes it. I mean, people consume it and share it.

Sharon Callix

Multi Award Winning Social Media Expert
International Speaker

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