There will always be moments when Facebook will make some significant changes in the way you can view the content on the platform. One of those changes just took place with the recent news feed upgrade that is only going to show you news from trusted sources. This is happening now due to the many fake news that people seem to be complaining about and this has made a large number of Facebook user stop using the platform.

Facebook grew concerned about this issue and they are now looking for ways to ensure that the most reliable and top quality pages are the ones that show up on people’s news feeds. This is obviously a concern for business owners, but for Facebook users who want to stay informed through their Facebook newsfeed.

The thing is that a large number of people are not using Facebook to look at their friend’s status. Instead, they are using Facebook as a legitimate way for them to get news from all kinds of reputable sources. Unfortunately, it seems like many of those sources are not meeting the quality standards expected and this is turning people away from Facebook as a great source for news.

This is a concern that has many people considering other alternatives, but some individuals already have a very detailed list of pages they want to see in their feed, and they want to avoid missing those pages. The following steps are going to help you keep those pages you want on your feed so you won’t miss their posts.

1-Go to news feed preferences on the top right

2-Select the ”prioritize to see first” option

3-Now select the “Pages only” option in the views option and this allows you to choose which pages to see first.

You can alternatively go to the page you want to work on and set the “see first” option on the “following” tab below the page header. This is a simple way to ensure that you will see all of the posts from that page at the top of your feed while any other page posts will be on the luck of the draw with the Facebook algorithm.

You can have as many pages as you want on that list, but the way in which they are shown will be randomized. Meaning they will all be shown, but if you have too many sites on that list, the feature will lose its purpose.

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