Whenever we see a massively viral video on the Web we always think that it is easy for some people because the author already has a trajectory or because he has many viewers and they all like and follow him but it is not really like that. The truth is that everything has its science and if you want to create a viral video, you must take into account the following characteristics:

The best ways to make a viral video on the web include:

Look for lighting in a bottle
Sometimes certain things happen that make a difference in our existence, that day when a bird flew low and grabbed your sandwich or that time when someone was doing some kind of crazy stunt in the streets. In those moments, it is good to have a camera nearby, that is why anything that seems to be unusual, works and becomes viral.

Keep it short and simple
It is important that you remember that viral videos usually do not exceed five minutes because it could get boring and you would not have an audience, it is like a blog on the Web, you cannot write long articles because the reader would get tired and probably switch blogs.

Submerged in emotional content
Just as you want it to be with articles, television programs and even advertising content, they handle people’s emotions to hook and also generate remembrance in the community; it is not very advisable to make videos of misery, mistreatment or of which you can be indignant but that also sells.

Highly shareable
What you want is that your video is posted several times and why not, that it goes around the world, then do not forget to invite to subscribe and follow you on your social networks to anyone who sees your video and share it.

Come up with instructional Videos
These videos are a great way to answer the audience questions and give them very detailed and simple instructions on how to do something they don’t know.

Public service announcement videos.
You can create videos about socially relevant topics, which are announcements, like cyber bullying, wearing your seatbelt while driving, etc.

Work on Interviews with experts and professionals.
Interview people of interest who can share opinions on topics relevant to your audience. You can also use these videos to bust myths, raise awareness or simply showcase your journey to success.

Publish good DIY videos
Guide your audience through a step-by-step process so they can create something on their own. This is very useful when you want to show your audience how to make things at home or use everyday objects in a creative way.

Work on how-to videos
Create detailed videos or short videos that explain a concept from start to finish. Companies can use how-to videos to help their audience better understand what they do or how their product works.

Create Lists
List videos are a very easy and quick way to create content that can generate higher retention rates than your other videos. You can make lists about interesting topics, like The Biggest Lies in History, The Most Popular World Leaders, or you can also make lists of facts about a certain topic.

Analyze the science behind things
Analyze what makes things possible or their causes, such as the science of parkour or the science of social fear.

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