Nothing matters more to a social media network than to be able to get as many visitors as possible. This is the core of their business and the more traffic, the more revenue, but the point is that all social media sites are going to do everything they can in order to stand out and to keep people from going to other places to get their social media fix.

Facebook has been quite blatant in the way they copy ideas from other networks and revamp them or enhance them in order to maintain their supremacy and they have just implemented a new image based search system that seems to be on its initial testing stages.

It makes perfect sense for Facebook to do this as they are looking to polish image recognition technology in order to change the way that marketing is done. The idea is basically that you upload an image to Facebook, and it will provide search results that shoes you the same items or similar items to your search query.

So, if you see someone wearing a pair of shoes you like, you could take a picture of them and them this technology will match you up with items online that fit the image. The technology is still at it’s early stages, but once it gets perfected, it will change the way that people search and shop.

This is also going to open a world of opportunities for online marketers. They could use this new search method to rank their products and services. This is going to give business owners a completely new method that they can use in order to engage their audience and sell more products and services.

The most important thing to take away from the image recognition system is the potential it offers. We can all imagine how much potential it has and it’s easy to see how it will provide a new and fresh marketing strategy.

The important thing is for all marketers to consider this to be an essential and very useful way to get the kind of results they want out of their online marketing efforts. It may be a while until it gets polished, but once it does, it will change the everything and those who understand it, are going to be the ones who take the most advantage out of using it for their business.

Sharon Callix
Award Winning Social Media Expert
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