Important Instagram updates for 2020 you need to know about

Instagram has proven to be one of the greatest platforms available today for marketers in all kinds of niches. The use of this platform is becoming more and more important and this is the reason why I strongly recommend that you use it as often as you can. There are some important changes that you should be aware of and this is the focus of this post.

Video scheduling features
This is an excellent addition because it allows you to fit your video publications in a way that is perfect for your calendar. The use of video for marketing purposes is more important than ever before. This is the reason why this kind of feature is so useful and so important.

With videos being such a powerful and engaging form of media, you should be doing all you can to create new video content as often as possible. This is also going to build a stronger following because people love videos in the mobile era.

Sticker feature
These stickers are a great way for you to boost participation and engagement from your audience when you are involved in any kind of live feed. There are many variations to these stickers and to the use that you can give to them, but the important thing is that they help you increase engagement.

Making use of this kind of feature is also very practical and if it helps you save time, it will be extremely useful for your marketing campaigns. The more time you save, the more time is able to go into other strategies and activities that help you further grow your business.

Instagram continues to evolve
The simple fact that Instagram is in constant evolution is more than enough to remind us of the value of using this platform. I strongly suggest that all marketers continue to use this particular network in order to engage new audiences. The more you participate in the Instagram community, the higher your chances of getting the right kind of people to find your content.

Final thoughts
The idea of using Instagram for internet marketing is more than established. You have to think of the most engaging and creative ways to capture the attention of your target audience, but once you do, this platform proves to be an excellent place for you to keep the communication flowing.

Sharon Callix
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