There is about to be a huge crackdown on users in all kinds of social media that have a vast number of fake followers. This is going to be a new tool that will eliminate followers that are not authentic, but there is some concern that this is going to be a flawed effort that could get rid of some legitimate followers in the process.

Either way, Instagram feels that this is a very important change that is taking place within the platform. They need to ensure that their visitors are having a legitimate experience when they decide to follow someone. Given that the number of followers plays a major role in getting good results, this is also going to affect the kind of income that Twitter users make based on their follower base.

This crackdown is something that has been happening for a while on major platforms, but it’s hard to crack down on accounts that are legitimate, but they are being used in a website that provides exchange services. This is a huge problem because many of the illegitimate follower base that some players have is coming from this source.

The biggest problem that Instagram is having with the illegitimate followers is that many account owners are charging people for an audience that is not real. This can prove to be a huge problem without a doubt. The more this happens, the harder is it for Twitter to maintain a level of legitimacy and reliability with marketers.

That is the main reason why this is going to be happening very soon. There are some users who might be affected by this without even knowing about the fake accounts. For example, some marketing agencies or freelancers will provide fake users to their clients to make it seem like they are doing a good job, so in many ways, this could have a lot of innocent victims, but the whole purpose is for everyone to start evolving and learning how to demand quality results that are verifiable.

Once this happens, we will have to wait and see just how many accounts are affected. Hopefully, this is a change that is going to be very beneficial to the community. The intention is quite good as it does make the platform more transparent and legitimate. Being able to maintain a good level of legitimacy is essential for any social media network.

Sharon Callix
Award Winning Social Media Expert
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